War Torn Type of Shield Logo T-shirt
This black coloured burnt and torn looking t-shirt can match perfectly with any light coloured pair of jeans, trousers or chinos.
The burnt ‘S’ shield appears as if you have just rescued a burning train with travellers, or something that is easily related as heroic.
Imagine it on a white jean.
It comes in different sizes from small (S) to large (L), extra-large (XL) and even XXL.
60’s Type Shield Logo T-shirt
This orange shield and coffee type of t-shirt is for those who love to dress casually.
It is fine when you wear it with a combination of faded or stone washed jeans.
Try some sneakers on it too.
Again, this casual looking tee comes in different sizes from small (S) to large (L), extra-large (XL) and even XXL.
The Distressed Retro Logo T-Shirt
This is sometimes the favourite version of the different existing types of the Superman t-shirt.
Being an original DC comics t-shirt, it has the ideal colour which is royal blue.
The red coloured ‘S’ on the yellow background is classic.
Certainly, the best way to wear this t-shirt is underneath a shirt, a well-knit tie and a suit.
You might wonder where you can buy these entire wonderful Superman t-shirt.  
The Superman t-shirt section of has features of the three examples of shield logo shirts mentioned in this article and even much more.
Explore, browse through, and delight yourself as you select the t-shirt that best suits your style.