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Tallano Foundation

Don Esteban Benitez Tallano and
Don Gregorio Madrigal Acop Foundation

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Global Alliance is furnishing this page as a courtesy to the Foundation to expose its existence to the Filipino people and as confirmation that there exists an adequate supply of gold to satisfy the requirements of all nations wishing to stabilize the value of their currencies by basing them on gold.

or the benefit of the Filipino people
this Foundation has been formed pursuant to the following Court Order:


… Ordering the Administrator, Mr. Julian M. Tallano to do the following acts and function for and in behalf of the Land owners, here to wit:

... Organize and establish Foundation in the name of Don Esteban Benitez Tallano and Don Gregorio Madrigal Acop to pursue the objectives of the Land owners to preserve the estate for and in the interest of Filipino farmers, poor families and their children either Christian or Muslim especially those who became a victims of martial law, and to uplift economic, social and health condition of those families living under poverty line by providing employment with the use of the proceeds of the sale of the estate ...

So Ordered.

Pasay City, January 19, 1976





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